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The Becta publications listed in this section are all aimed at school staff and are free to order. You can choose to either download them in PDF format or order printed copies to be delivered by post.

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Messages from the evidence
A set of four downloadable booklets and accompanying posters. ...

"I'm stuck - can you help me?"
This report highlights the important role technology can play in engaging parents ...

Learning platforms: Steps to adoption
This guidance is to help schools use the learning platform as part of everyday practice ...

Online reporting framework
This booklet contains checklists for schools working towards the online reporting expectations ...

Taking the journey towards excellence
The Charter offers schools a clear pathway to using technology effectively throughout the whole school ...

21st century teacher
This booklet helps teachers address the challenge of using technology in daily school life ...

Raising standards
This booklet explains how you can put technology at the heart of your institution and raise standards ...

Engaging families
This booklet explains how technology at home can help the whole family engage in learning ...

Inspiring learners
In this booklet you can find out how to inspire learners by using technology ...

This is Next Generation Learning: Recognising ICT excellence in schools
Publication to celebrate and share the good practice of the winners in the 2009 ICT Excellence Awards. ...

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