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Common File Format technical specification adopted for interactive whiteboard learning resources

A technical specification for interactive whiteboard learning resources has been adopted by the Information Standards Board and they will be working with industry to support adoption when Becta closes in March 2011.

Becta has been working with interactive whiteboard suppliers to tackle the barriers that prevent lessons being shared between and within schools and colleges. Through this work a Common File Format for whiteboards was developed to ensure teachers and learners can create content in one product and use again in another and also share and move resources externally.

A viewer has been released under an LGPL license and supporting information made available through Sourceforge, to facilitate adoption.

Interactive whiteboards have revolutionised teaching in classrooms worldwide and research shows that when used well they have a significant impact on results. The rapid growth in use and in the number of different suppliers has, however, led to a need for a common format for content that can be read on all systems.

The specification has been produced in consultation with interactive whiteboard suppliers with all major whiteboard vendors supporting the need for the Common File Format to be adopted as an industry wide standard.

Further information on the specification can be found at the Information Standards Board.

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