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Further education and skills

Becta takes the national lead in supporting the Further education and skills sector to maximise value and transform learning through the effective and creative use of technology.

Leadership and vision

Becta's advice for leaders on how ICT can underpin and support an organisation's planning processes, and guidance on turning plans into reality.


Featured articles

Pilot leadership programme for technical personnel to launch in October

A new cohort for the pilot programme, 'Collaborative leadership skills and technology', is set to launch in October 2009. This programme is for technical personnel in the further education and skills sector and is designed to develop their leadership skills.

Next Generation Learning - The Implementation Plan for 2009-2012: Technology Strategy for Further Education, Skills and Regeneration - June 2009

Revised implementation plan for delivering the Harnessing Technology strategy in the Further Education and Skills sector, 2009-2012.


"Generator provides an opportunity for providers to get some feedback, at a variety of levels, of how they are developing technology enhanced learning"

Posted 19 May 2009 in FE and skills community.

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