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Most of our online resources are now available under the Open Government Licence for anyone to re-use. Find out more.

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Open Government Licence adopted to enable re-use of Becta materials

Becta intellectual property and materials will be made available to anybody under this non-exclusive licence.

A key development in October was the release of the new Open Government Licence. The National Archives has developed the Open Government Licence (OGL) and the UK Government Licensing Framework to enable and encourage the free use of government information covered by Crown copyright and database rights. This move is a key element of the Government’s commitment to greater transparency. All government departments and agencies are required to amend and update the copyright statements on their websites and in their publications to indicate that information can be used and re-used under the OGL. The OGL is similar to a Creative Commons attribution licence (‘cc by’) a key point being that this allows commercial exploitation.

This licence can therefore cover Becta intellectual property (IP). As a result, in all but a very small number of cases, Becta intellectual property and materials will be made available to anybody under this non-exclusive licence. There will be an exception on the use of Becta’s logo, video material, photographs and web based systems, which cannot be used for anything other than its original purpose.

The next step is to ensure that the appropriate rights statements are put in place and links to the licence are completed. As this licence enables anybody to use any materials covered, the majority of expressions of interest for exclusive rights do now not need to be taken further. Once the statements and links are in place, we will be writing to all stakeholders, who have submitted expressions of interest or enquiries about assets, to confirm the position about materials in which they were interested.

If you have any queries about this process, then please contact the Assets Realisation Team at Further information will be published in this area of the Becta website on a regular basis. Becta will contact all parties who have or do express interest in continuing aspects of Becta's activities and services.

Becta have also subsequently updated our own copyright statement to ensure it is now in line with our move to the Open Government Licence.

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