Independent Review on Poverty and Life Chances


Final report

The final report of the Independent Review on Poverty and Life Chances, conducted by Frank Field, was published on December 3rd 2010. The report sets out a new approach to meeting the Government’s target of abolishing child poverty. Click here to read the final report, The Foundation Years: Preventing Poor Children Becoming Poor Adults [PDF, 850KB].   



In June this year the Government announced that Frank Field MP had been appointed to lead an independent review into poverty and life chances. The main aims of the Review are to:

  • Explore how a child's home environment affects their chances of being ready to take full advantage of their schooling
  • Generate a broader debate about the nature and extent of poverty in the UK
  • Recommend potential action by government and other institutions to reduce poverty and enhance life chances for the least advantaged, consistent with the Government's fiscal strategy
  • Examine the case for reforms to the poverty measures, in particular for the inclusion of non-financial elements

The Review was asked to report to the Prime Minister by the end of the year.


Next Steps

The Review was commissioned by the Prime Minister and it will be for the Government to decide its response to the recommendations. We understand this will be predominantly through the Social Justice Committee and that the forthcoming Social Mobility Strategy and Child Poverty Strategy will reflect our findings.