Hartcliffe, Bristol



Personal development

An important factor in the success of this project is the time that was given to developing strong partnerships. Project manager Mark Rooney worked with local youth groups and schools in Hartcliffe and Withywood to recruit young people for the SPACEmakers project over a two month period. He built strong links with these organisations, making use of their valuable local expertise and knowledge of young people. Involving local youth workers provided the young people with a familiar element at the start of the project.

The project took the SPACEmakers on a journey from discovering the impact they could have on a public space to being part of a high quality project. The personal development of those involved was significant and the city council gave them a Building a Better Bristol award for their efforts. The increased confidence the young people gained is something they can take forward into all of their future pursuits.

High design standards

The design of the park is of a very high quality, with a sense of playfulness that reflects the young people’s involvement. The mature concepts and contemporary materials used in the park demonstrate the high design standards that young people want to see in the public realm.

The sensitive design of the park means it is very popular with people of all ages. The original SPACEmakers have moved on, but the young people who use the adjacent youth centre see the park as an extension of their building.

Although the design team underestimated the maintenance requirements for the project, they had established a strong relationship with Bristol City Council and the council took on the maintenance of the park.