Hartcliffe, Bristol



Addressing local issues.

The chosen location for the capital project was Hartcliffe and Withywood, an area with high levels of crime, high unemployment, poor schools and poor public spaces. Building community relationships and gaining local support was an important part of the project. Although the SPACEmakers public space is designed with young people in mind, it is used and enjoyed by people of all ages from across the community.

Design features

During an initial site visit the design team discovered a water course running below the surface of the ground. The designs brought this to the surface, with a concrete water feature that meanders across the site. Geometric layers cut into the site provide places for benches where visitors can pause and feel sheltered within the larger park. Artist Calum Stirling worked with the young people to design a seating shelter for the park space. The shelter is raised on stilts and sits on the highest point of the site. From this high point, a custom-made slide descends into a central area with a group of mature trees that the young people wanted to make a major feature within their park.