Scharnhauser Park

Ostfildern, Germany

Scharnhauser Park

Surrounded by a naturally beautiful landscape, the new housing development at Scharnhauser Park incorporates attractive vistas and well-designed parks and public spaces. Designed by Janson + Wolfrum.

The municipality was formed in the 1970s by grouping together four formerly independent villages. Situated in the centre of these four historic settlements, Scharnhauser Park is located on the site of a former US military base, which became available after the events of 1989 and the subsequent withdrawal of the US forces from the site. Scharnhauser Park thus provided the opportunity to focus a considerable volume of housing on a brownfield site in the centre of the municipality as opposed to further greenfield development on the extremely fertile agricultural land to the south of Stuttgart.

After the US army's withdrawal, the land belonging to the German state was sold to the municipality of Ostfildern, whereas a local landowner, the Hofkammer Wuerttemberg retained ownership of around 30% of the site.

Ostfildern, a town with 35,000 inhabitants, is located in the urban periphery of Stuttgart. The region is economically prosperous, but suffers from a considerable housing shortage and resulting high prices for housing.

The site benefits from a particularly beautiful aspect with sweeping views to the south, public spaces and buildings of the highest design quality, a wide range of housing types and facilities, and excellent public transport links to the city centre of Stuttgart and to the Airport.