Canary Wharf Underground Station


Canary Wharf Underground Station

Built entirely underground, Canary Wharf Underground Station uses a simple layout and dramatic design features to create a highly usable and durable space. Designed by Foster & Partners.

Canary Wharf Underground Station is built in a hollow of the former West India Dock. It is intensively used, with more peak time travellers than those using Oxford Circus.Constructed using 'cut-and-cover' techniques, the station itself is entirely underground. The only elements of the building that are visible externally are the vaulted glass canopies above the entrances. The roof of the station - the building's 'lid' - has been landscaped as a public park, with grass, trees, seating, fountains and paths. On entering the station concourse from either the platforms or from surface level at Canary Wharf, the large size of this space makes a notable impact.

Internally, the station's scale is monumental. However, effective organisation of the space and clear design, including good lighting, create a reassuring passenger experience within the space.

The building is commended for its clarity, simplicity, spatial quality and memorable image.