Urban heat island

The urban heat island effect causes urban areas to become several degrees hotter than surrounding rural areas. In hot summers cities will become increasingly uncomfortable to live in.

Green infrastructure such as parks, green spaces and street trees can be used to moderate the urban heat island effect.

Find out how the parks authority in Victoria, Australia is responding to the threat posed by extreme heat and how trees are being used to control temperatures in the Chiswick Park development and the City of Chicago.

What people are saying

Managing the effects of heat in Victoria’s parks

Parks Victoria is responding to drought and extreme temperatures by implementing a coordinated strategy of water and energy conservation, green space management and public education.

What people are doing

Chicago urban forest, USA

The City of Chicago is harnessing the potential of trees to reduce the impact of heatwaves by developing and implementing a strategic management plan for its ‘urban forest’.

Chiswick Park, West London

Demonstrates how designing a high quality landscape naturally integrates adaptation measures such as large trees, surface water and good irrigation.