Housing audit

Between 2005 and 2007, CABE carried out a national audit of new housing for market-rate sale.

Regency View, Tividale

Regency View, Tividale scored 33% in our 2006 housing audit. Photo by Jon Walter/ Third Avenue.

The random sample included 293 developments and the audit methodology was developed on the basis of the Building for Life criteria. The audits also included post-occupancy interviews with residents.

We conducted three separate audits between 2005 and 2007:

We found that the national picture is not good enough. As a result we have created advice for home buyers, some recommendations for home builders and a summary of the regional findings.

How did the audit work?

CABE's housing audits are based on Building for Life criteria, which are grouped under four overall headings:

  • character
  • roads, parking and pedestrianisation
  • design and construction
  • environment and community.

The audit scores use percentages, and schemes are categorised as very good, good, average or poor according to the following definitions:

  • very good: an overall score of 80 percent or more
  • good: an overall score of 70 per cent or more
  • average: an overall score of 50 per cent or more
  • poor: an overall score of less than 50 per cent.