CABE Space

CABE Space has worked to bring excellence to the design and management of parks and public space in our towns and cities.

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Set up as a specialist unit of CABE in 2003, CABE Space has helped public, private and voluntary organisations to understand the benefits of well-planned, designed, managed and maintained public space.

Space enabling

Our space enabling service has helped clients to develop the right strategic approach for green space. And we have worked to ensure well-designed streets, squares and neighbourhood space.

Public space management and best practice

We have published good practice guides for clients and promote participation and quality tools like Spaceshaper and the Green Flag Award. We have worked with others to tackle the skills crisis in the green space sector and have produced a joint strategy Skills to grow: seven priorities to improve green space skills.

Policy and research

We have offered evidence to demonstrate the economic, social and environmental benefits of good quality public space. We have used this to inform and influence thinking about how to plan, design, resource and manage these assets.

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We have provided training for parks and public space professionals such as the CABE Space leaders programme and the urban design summer school.