Canklow community engagement


A community-led regeneration plan that uncovered local values and visions in the face of widespread degradation and demolition in Canklow, a small suburb of Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Canklow, a small community forming a gateway to Rotherham from the M1, has experienced prolonged housing demolition and high levels of unemployment. Community-led action demonstrated how empowering local people and employing a dedicated design team can demand more from local authorities that have resorted to demolition as the sole solution.

The project was initiated by Canklow’s Community Partnership Group and was facilitated by BDR (The Bureau of Design Research) with U-Scape Regeneration. Local recognition of the need to transform Canklow into a sustainable community meant the wider community displayed unusually high levels of support and involvement in the consultation process. The project ran for 4 years and used a wide number of creative consultation and participatory techniques, including events, workshops, project visits, student involvement and a number of scales of design work, demonstrating the merits of BDR’s multidisciplinary approach.

A new vision for Canklow was created through addressing the needs, desires and aspirations of its residents who identified problems and potential solutions.

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