Wendy’s journey

From London to Margate

Follow Wendy on her rail journey from her home in London to the beach at Margate and find out the impact of design on the daily life of someone who has learning disabilities.

As an independent consultant and self advocate on learning disability rights, Wendy Perez regularly travels around the country to conferences and training sessions. This journey shows the importance of good design and management of stations, trains and roads.

We are all affected by the design of places and the way they are managed. This is especially true for people with learning disabilities who are disproportionately affected by bad design decisions and who are too often left out of the design process.

Urban designers, planners and architects need to understand the effect of their design decisions on people with learning disabilities. In this case study, Wendy points out what helps and hinders her, and makes some suggestions on how things can be improved.

One thing that becomes clear from reading it is that the connections between different places are as important as the design of individual buildings or public spaces.

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Map of Wendy's journey

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