Tancred Road and Skerries Street

Anfield, Liverpool

Two pilot refurbishment schemes showing how terraced housing can be retained, improved and serve as a key symbol of physical continuity in a regeneration area.

Housing surrounding Liverpool Football Club in Anfield, three miles north east of central Liverpool, has been home to a strong community since its construction in the 1880s. Terraced housing is important to the character, history and identity of the immediate neighbourhood and the city.

During the 1980s and 1990s the area declined physically and has suffered increasingly from underinvestment and neglect.  A long-term regeneration programme started in the early 2000s involving the football club, city council, housing market renewal partnership and local community.  This seeks to balance demolition, new build and retention of existing properties to provide good quality housing for the existing community.

Two pilot projects are important locally and as a national exemplar:

  • Skerries Road saw 10 houses refurbished internally and externally
  • Tancred Road was a larger refurbishment project involving 25 properties.

Social sustainability aims are accompanied by a strong environmental ethos, with an emphasis on minimising the loss of embedded energy within houses and on high standards of building performance for refurbished houses.