Stanmore Place

Harrow, London

Stanmore Place – a high-density scheme of 196 homes – stands out from its suburban neighbourhood. A large lake and lush planting deals with flood risk from the Edgware Brook and the avoidance of on-street parking adds to its attractiveness.

Stanmore Place is a mixed-use residential scheme on a six hectare site in north-west London. Its scale, design quality, materials and mix of uses set a quite different standard from its suburban neighbours.

Attractive water features and planting are clever responses to flood risk. Although it is a high-density development, buildings are no higher than four storeys, streets are virtually car-free and there is good enclosure of public and semi-public spaces.

The design has exploited opportunities around and within the site. So far, two phases of a wider masterplan have been completed – when finished it will form a coherent new neighbourhood.

Colin Veitch, director of GRID Architects which developed the masterplan, said: ‘The team has worked with St Edward Homes to create a vibrant and sustainable neighbourhood which fits well within its locality.  Designing a high-density development in a suburban location presented a challenge that pushed us to propose creative solutions.’

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