Kentish Town Health Centre

Kentish Town, London

Kentish Town Health Centre in central London houses a large GP practice, and a range of other health facilities including children’s services, breast screening, dentistry and mental health.

The project champion, lead GP Dr Roy Macgregor, had a vision of a building where medicine came together with health and art for the community.

The client, architect and user groups worked together to create a building that would promote a holistic approach to healthcare, linking rather than disconnecting health and community services provided within the centre.

The centre creates a bold civic presence that is cheerful and high-quality. Once inside, the central street with its bright murals and connecting bridges is welcoming and non-institutional. Clinical rooms have been designed to be flexible so they can respond the changes in use. Communication between health workers has been maximised throughout. Public spaces include a central atrium and garden that can be used by staff and the community.

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