Maples Respite Centre

Harlow, Essex

The Design Quality Indicator (DQI) assessment developed a shared understanding among stakeholders of the design for the Maples Respite Centre and of each others’ perspectives.

The Maples Respite Centre was developed to provide short term care for children with disabilities and their parents near Harlow. The challenge was to develop a design which felt non-institutional but met functional and maintenance requirements.

The Design Quality Indicator (DQI) sessions brought together professionals involved in the design process to develop a holistic understanding of the design, improve communication between stakeholders and understand what end users required. 

How the Design Quality Indicator (DQI) assessment helped

  • facilitated shared understanding between diverse stakeholders
  • brought together professionals who would not have otherwise met
  • highlighted trends and priorities
  • consolidated an understanding of end user needs
  • allowed professionals to look beyond their own specialism and envision a more holistic picture of the project from multiple points of view
  • facilitated learning amongst user groups about the design process and its complexity