Bankside Urban Forest


Bankside Urban Forest is a public space regeneration project in south London.

The project was initiated by Better Bankside, an independent organisation that is owned and led by businesses in  Bankside, south London.

Bankside is rapidly changing due to large-scale public and private regeneration initiatives. It also has well established networks of local people who live and work in the area. The Bankside Urban Forest project has been designed to meet the needs of current residents, as well as visitors and workers in the area, for quality public spaces.

Developments in the Bankside Urban Forest project take place within a flexible design framework based on the concept that public spaces are made by the people who use them. It involves making small scale, incremental changes in partnership with local residents, organisations and businesses. Projects take place across a wide network of local spaces associated with schools, churches and housing estates, as well as prominent destinations such as Tate Modern and Borough Market. This approach offers a counterpoint to comprehensive masterplanning.

The project aims not only to meet local needs, but to influence developer-driven investment.