Sheaf Square and Howard Street


Sheffield’s ‘Gold Route’ is a series of streets and places running through the city centre from Sheffield station and to Devonshire Park in the west of the city.

Identified in the 2000 City Centre Masterplan, it has contributed a range of city centre regeneration schemes, and has been a focus for public investment to turn the historic tide of city centre decline.

Sheaf Square and Howard Street are two key elements of the gold route that connect Sheffield Station to the city centre, by incorporating new crossings of what were two distinct parts of Sheffield’s relief/ring road system (Sheaf Street and Arundel Gate). They have transformed the sense of arrival in the city for many visitors and greatly improved the setting for Sheffield Hallam University.

They exemplify the successful relationship that can be struck between an area’s historic character and heritage and its emerging purposes and community. Although the scale of change may be beyond the reach of most Councils they demonstrate what is achievable when the potential contribution of pubic realm to city regeneration is recognised and a commitment to joined-up design and integrated delivery and management structures is established.

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