Coin Street Community Builders


Coin Street Community Builders have developed a mixed-use community in the heart of the capital where innovative social housing developments, commercial and cultural organisations exist side by side.

Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB) was established, in 1981, by members of the local community who were fighting to have control over their neighbourhood, the residential elements of which were threatened by office development. They won planning permission for five housing co-ops, commercial and leisure facilities and open spaces for the community. Due to CSCB’s vision and determination Coin Street is now a thriving mix of social housing, businesses and public spaces that have been delivered as a long term project by and for local people.

The original blueprint is still being followed by CSCB today, and so far four out of the five housing co-ops and a neighbourhood centre have been built. Open spaces and parks have also been established. Another housing co-op will be developed specifically for older residents and a swimming pool will be built in the near future.

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