More client guides

Client guides help those responsible for delivering public buildings and spaces. They cover issues such as building a strong team, establishing a design vision and consulting users effectively as well as useful illustrative examples.


Creating excellent buildings

Guidance on how to commission a building project successfully, tailored to the needs of those who are new to the commissioning and design process.

Lewisham Primary Care Trust Children and Young People's Centre: design and innovation for primary health and social care

Detailing the design competition for procuring a new building to house health and social care services for children and young people.


Creating successful masterplans

Updated version of our guide to masterplanning, demonstrating how a clear and considered masterplan can contribute to the physical, social and economic revival of places.

A guide to large scale urban design

How do we deal with economic, social and environmental challenges that affect the lives of people over large areas and cannot be solved through local action?

Selecting design and development partners

This client briefing describes how evaluation and selection processes can be structured to deliver successful, well-designed places.

Agreeing a procurement strategy

This client briefing outlines how important a long-term procurement strategy is for delivering high quality development.

Public space

Start with the park

A good practice guide for people involved in developing and managing sustainable green spaces in housing growth and housing market renewal areas.

Decent parks? Decent behaviour? The link between the quality of parks and user behaviour

Providing evidence that good design and management, not just heavy handed security measures, are the key ingredients for safer parks.

A guide to producing parks and green space management plans

Practical guidance on writing plans for the management and development of publicly accessible public parks and green spaces.

Open space strategies

Practical guidance to local authorities and their stakeholders on how to prepare, deliver, monitor and review an open space strategy.

It's our space

Guidance for anyone involved in a public space project for the first time, giving examples of great outdoor spaces led by community groups.

Community-led spaces: A guide for local authorities and community groups

A guide to the issues involved in transferring ownership and management of public space from local authorities to community groups.

Green space strategies

Guidance for local authorities on creating a strategy to improve their green assets.

School design

Sure Start: Every building matters

Client guide focusing on preparation for, and design of, children’s centres and other early years facilities.

Creating excellent primary schools

Helping primary school clients, working in either the local authority or the school itself, to make the most of new capital investment in their buildings.

Creating excellent secondary schools

A step-by-step journey through the schools building process, from vision to completion, helping clients to deliver a real transformation.

Being involved in school design

Providing guidance for school communities, local authorities, funders, designers and construction teams that are involved in building schools.

Achieving well designed schools through Private Finance Initiatives

Guidance on how client, private sector partner and the school community can work together to create well-designed schools through PFI.

Picturing school design

A presentation and booklet to help project teams deliver high-quality educational buildings and grounds, highlighting good practice and common problem areas.

Building schools for the future: The client design advisor

Helping local education authorities and schools understand the role of experienced architects as design advisors in the Building Schools for the Future programme. 

Culture and leisure

Client guide for Arts Capital Programme projects

Guidance on procuring buildings for arts projects, but useful for all those involved of procuring public buildings.