Watch videos from CABE, Building for Life and Sustainable Cities.

  • Beautiful SheffieldBeautiful Sheffield

    This ten minute video explores questions of beauty in a Sheffield with local residents. In includes the best bits from our interviews and a set of a lively and informed opinions about what beauty means to people living in Sheffield.

  • Planning for placesPlanning for places

    An understanding of how a place works, what makes it special, and the opportunities it offers is critical to developing a core strategy. This video aims to help local authorities take a spatial approach to their core strategy and set the long-term vision for a place.

  • Coastcards - three short films about Sea ChangeCoastcards - three short films about Sea Change

    Edgeland Mutter, Love Brid and Teign Spirit were commissioned by Animate Projects as part of Sea Change.

  • Hope and Fear by Michael PinskyHope and Fear by Michael Pinsky

    Watch an immense jigsaw being assembled as the artistic centrepiece for CABE’s 10th anniversary event in London on 16 September 2009.

  • Green space apprenticesGrowing Skills - green space apprentices at work

    Inspirational films of apprentices in Richmond, Oldham, Plymouth and Capel Manor sharing their experiences and aspirations.

  • Connecting people and place - the ecology of urban designConnecting people and place - the ecology of urban design

    William McDonough sees a world of abundance – it is a question of using it in ways that allows it to last. He wants to celebrate human creativity, instead of bemoaning our activities.

  • Promoting an environmental infrastructure for sustainable communitiesPromoting an environmental infrastructure for sustainable communities

    Edward McMahon is credited as being the founding father of green infrastructure. Here he argues that we have to see green space as a necessity rather than an amenity.

  • The 20 Building for Life criteria explainedThe 20 Building for Life criteria explained

    Explanation of all 20 of the Building for Life criteria with examples.

  • Accordia: a Building for Life walkthroughAccordia: a Building for Life walkthrough

    Using the award-winning Accordia housing scheme in Cambridge to explain how to apply the Building for Life criteria.

  • Understanding the power of streetsUnderstanding the power of streets

    Urban designer Sue McGlynn outlines power, influence and decision-making in the urban design process and summarises the spatial attributes of quality streets.

  • Manual for Streets: what's in it for me?Manual for Streets: what's in it for me?Manual for Streets: what's in it for me?

    Andy Cameron, technical director at WSP Group and co-author of Manual for streets outlines its broad principles – what’s new, what’s different.

  • Chairing design reviewChairing design review

    Paul Finch, former CABE commissioner and chair of the London 2012 design review panel, explains how to chair design review meetings.

  • Guide to design reviewGuide to design review

    Watch footage of a design review meeting and hear from those involved about meetings and how schemes are assessed.