A practical toolkit to measure the quality of a public space before investing time and money in improving it.

Email with your address to order copies of the Spaceshaper leaflet (in packs of 5, 20 or 50).

Spaceshaper captures the views of professionals who are running the space as well as those of the people that use the space. Facilitated workshops discuss the results, design quality and how the space works for different people.

Spaceshaper encourages people to demand more from their local spaces.

What is Spaceshaper for?

The Spaceshaper leaflet shows how the toolkit can:

  • bring staff and users together to discuss the space
  • identify the strengths and weaknesses of the space
  • measure how well the space meets everyone's needs
  • track changes in people's views.

Read the Spaceshaper user's guide to learn more.

Taster and training sessions

Find out about introductory sessions and facilitator training for Spaceshaper.

Apply to run a Spaceshaper workshop

  1. Contact Kent Architecture Centre to get the latest list of approved facilitators
  2. Fill in the application form (download from
  3. Submit the completed form to (we need one week to turn this around).

More about Spaceshaper

How Spaceshaper works

Spaceshaper uses a questionnaire and a facilitated workshop to measure the quality of a public space.

Interpreting Spaceshaper results

How to interpret the results of the Spaceshaper questionnaire and workshop.

Spaceshaper 9-14

Young people are often overlooked in community engagement, but Spaceshaper 9-14 aims to get them involved in improving their local parks, streets, playgrounds and other spaces.

Spaceshaper in action

Since the tool was launched in February 2007, over 300 facilitators have been trained and 200 Spaceshaper workshops have taken place around the country. Read the examples below to see what difference Spaceshaper has made to 20 projects.

Spaceshaper FAQ

Find out more about how Spaceshaper works through the frequently asked questions below.