Icon – Lime Tree Square

Street, Somerset

Icon – Lime Tree Square. Photo by Knightstone Housing Association

A great scheme which uses an innovative approach to highways design to put the pedestrian first, redefine the idea of the square and create a series of social spaces.

Icon – Lime Tree Square is built on the site of the original Clarks shoe factory in Street, a Victorian industrial market town. It is the first phase of a larger development, ICON, which comprises housing from apartment blocks to mews and terraced housing.

Whilst shoes are no longer made there, the Clarks family has been there since 1825 and the project started with their vision for a new development of outstanding quality as a lasting legacy for the town: “It will be viewed as an exemplar of sustainable housing development in a market town location that will not only become a model of best practice in the short term, but will stand the test of time and remain as a living exemplar in 50 years from now”.

Icon – Lime Tree Square contributes to the quality of life enjoyed by residents both within the scheme and the town because it aims to create a distinct sense of community. Taking an innovative approach to highways design, the development redefines the idea of the square and the street, to create a series of social spaces. It develops routes to other parts of the town using cycle paths and footpaths, to create new desire lines and links.

Icon – Lime Tree Square won a Building for Life Award in 2009.

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