Public space

Public spaces - parks, streets and squares – are vital parts of our towns and cities.

Lister Park, Bradford

CABE Space works with national, regional and local bodies to deliver well-designed and managed public spaces across England.

Public space at CABE


An online forum for parks managers which helps you find solutions to problems in parks or green spaces – and share success stories.

Community green: using local spaces to tackle inequality and improve health

Local green spaces are not being used because of their poor quality, according to our new report.

Decent homes need decent spaces

An action plan to improve the quality of open spaces within social housing areas.

Urban green nation: building the evidence base

No one knows exactly how many green spaces there are in our urban areas, where they are, who owns them or what condition they are in. Our new report starts to fill this information gap.

Grey to Green

Our campaign to shift spending from grey to green infratructure in local authorities.

Open space strategies

Practical guidance for local authorities on how to prepare, deliver, monitor and review an open space strategy.

Parks and green spaces

A successful park or public space can be the making of a place. An unsuccessful one can help to ruin it.


Streets make up about 80 per cent of our urban public spaces - it’s critical that we get their design right.

Children's play

A new era of design thinking is encouraging more creativity in the design of play environments.

Green space skills

Skills to Grow is a national strategy for improving the green space skills of our workforce.

Green space skills 2009: national employer survey findings

In July 2009 CABE, in partnership with English Heritage, commissioned Pye-Tait Consulting to carry out research to identify the total size, scope and labour market status of the green space sector in England.

Guide to green space apprenticeships

A good practice guide to help local authorities and others to plan and manage successful horticulture apprenticeship programmes.

CABE Space leaders programme

An intensive, three day learning programme designed specifically for green space managers.

Climate change and public space

Public spaces can play a major role in combating the effects of climate change.


A practical toolkit to measure the quality of a public space before investing time and money in improving it.

Space enabling

A specialist service for clients working on public space projects.