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83% of parents struggle to support their children with homework

New report exposes the homework challenges that leave parents frustrated and children confused....

Click on the image below to visit the nextgenerationlearning site and to download the report.

I'm Stuck can you help me.png

Watch the BBC news story and listen to children and staff from Anson Primary School


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Futurelab handbook

Posted by Simon Thompson 23-Mar-2010

This handbook introduces key issues around home-school relationships to provide school staff with a framework in which to consider how schools can support the home-school relationship, and how to navigate the new opportunities and challenges afforded by the use of digital technologies in this field. Drawing on in-depth interviews with teachers, parents and children, illustrated with case studies and examples, it provides a practical reference point through the issues they will need to consider as they develop strategies for supporting the home-school relationship using digital technologies.


Click the image below to visit the futurelab site and to download this resource.


Futurelab developing home-school relationships.png

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London: 26 February 2010 - Another outstanding conference: all speakers were inspirational and they engaged and challenged all delegates to consider many innovative ways of using a range of ICT tools to improve Parental Engagement.


This is what it looked like:

OLR London.jpg

This is what they said:

(You can view/download from slideshare but be aware it is a big file (80MB)... a compresses pdf file (9MB) is attached to this blog)


This is the challenges/responses from the delegates:

(I must remember to bring my tripod next time!)...

Click here to view in photosynth


This is where the delegates were from:

London OLR Map.jpg

Click here for bigger map


Comments are welcome on this post or email with any queries

Here's 3 feedback soundbites from the day:

Soundbite1     Soundbite2     Soundbite3

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In partnership with the SSAT, we have planned a number of seminars in schools across the country.

They will show you the potential of effective parental engagement to impact on achievement and how using a range of communication media can improve parental engagement.

You will also broaden your understanding of the online reporting expectations for September 2010, as well as opportunities for school to school support.... to find out more and to book free places visit:

Parents as partners.jpg
Dates and locations:

8 March, Bishops Stortford High School, Hertfordshire

16 March, Bishops Stortford High School, Hertfordshire

18 March, Notre Dame High School, Sheffield

23 March, Bradley Stoke Community School, Bristol

24 March, Hodgson High School, Lancashire

24 March, Monkseaton High School, Tyne and Wear

25 March, Broadgreen International School, Liverpool

25 March, Kingsbridge Community College, Devon

25 March, Notre Dame High School, Sheffield

25 March, St Paul's Catholic College, Burgess Hill, Sussex



I will be posting the presentations, resources and more links to these events as they happen... watch this space!!


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New on the Becta site: Lingfield Primary School, Horndean Infant School and Broadgreen International School share the ways they use their Learning Platform to Engage Parents.. (click on the image to go to the site)

Engaging Parents.png

These three examples show how schools in different phases have used technology to build on existing school practice by:

  • sharing learning and data with parents in a safe and secure way so they have a greater understanding of their child’s progress
  • providing opportunities for extending learning outside the classroom with extension and consolidation activities
  • developing parents as partners in their child’s education.
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This week the Parental Engagement Team at Becta are in Manchester at the International Suite at Old Trafford:


Over 100 Delegates from:



View All Presentations (Be aware that this is a very large file... if you attempt to download it will take you some time. I have attached a much smaller pdf file which will be much quicker)


Feedback for the speakers from the delegates:


Feedback from the day:

“Something for everyone - big or small school - how ever far along the journey we are”

“Great to see colleagues and professionals using ICT to full capability”

“Great - people who have taken the journey! Have fallen down, but have found the way back up, well worth taking time to attend”

"Fantastic day – so many inspirational speakers! Thank you!"

“A wealth of ideas and opportunities for parental engagement/ online reporting”

“Exceed expectations”

“Like the short snappy presentations – full of good ideas”

“Totally inspiring,  practically based. Fantastic opportunity to learn from colleague’s best practice”

“Well organised, inspiring or action packed”

“Superb day – excellently delivered and most helpful!”

“Plenty of ideas to take back and share. The enthusiasm of the speakers is infectious”

“Evidence of good practice and new ideas for implementation were priceless”

“Hearing from the advocates was invaluable and Charles Desforge was inspiring to help motivate ideas”


Attached: Listen to Charles Deforges sum up the effects of good parental engagement

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Thames View Infants

Posted by Simon Thompson 12-Feb-2010

TVI website.pngThames Valley Infants are using a wide range of Technology to engage parents... take a look at:

Thames View Infants website

Year 2 Blog

Thames View Infants on Youtube

Follow them on Twitter








Thames View Infants School inclusion in the White Paper: Your child, your schools, our future:building a 21st century schools system.

Your schools.png


Case study: Thames View Infants School


At Thames View Infants School in Barking, East London, head teacher Paul Jordan believes: “Having a positive relationship with parents is vital to a child’s success. To us engaging parents is not a bolt on; it’s the belt and braces of our approach.” The impact has been significant. The school has been instrumental in engaging pupils and parents in using ICT to support learning. Every child in Year 2 has been bought a computer and these are sold to parents at the end of the year, with the money being reinvested into new stock. The school also provides training and ICT support for parents. The school’s parent support adviser accompanies nursery and reception staff on home visits; runs activities to get parents into school and offers coaching and one-to-one advice if needed. Parents’ views and opinions are continually sought and help to inform the annual school improvement planning process. This collaboration has been reflected in its recent ‘outstanding’ Ofsted rating.








TVI TV!                                                         The Parents Support Advisor




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Teachers TV and Microsoft have both recently added case studies about schools who are using technology to improve parental engagement - some very useful films...


Teachers TV-The Big Debate - "Parents"

- Part of a the Teachers TV Involving parents week


the big debate.png


Krishnan Guru-Murthy presents a lively debate to discuss to what extent parents should be involved in schools.

Is increased parental engagement the key to improving schools or does it just give pushy parents an opportunity to promote the interests of their own children at the expense of others?

Some teachers blame poor parenting for a range of problems including poor pupil behaviour, but should schools be involved in sorting this out?

Are the powers being given to parents to control schools, including setting up their own, likely to improve or exacerbate the problem?

Guests joining Krishnan include author Toby Young, journalist and campaigner Fiona Millar, General Secretary of the ATL Mary Bousted and Rachel Wolf of the New Schools Network, which helps parents to set up their own schools.


Microsoft/DCSF: Using Technology to Engage Parents in their Children’s Learning case studies

Microsoft and the Department for Children, Schools and Families have worked together to share the stories of five schools that are using technology in innovative ways to better engage parents in their children’s education. The schools involved were chosen in consultation with the Becta team:

  • Clunbury C.E. Primary School, Shropshire
  • Monkseaton High School, Tyne & Wear
  • Hawes Side Primary School, Blackpool, Lancashire
  • Blatchington Mill School and Sixth Form College, East Sussex
  • Twynham School, Christchurch, Dorset



Each school has an Overview video which tells the story of each school, why they felt engaging with parents was important, and the impact they’ve seen as a result of the work they have done.

The How To video goes into more detail about the steps each school took to improve their relationship with parents, including the technology they used and how they addressed any challenges they faced in this process. And the written case study is a printable reference you can take away with you if you want to share these schools ideas with others at your school.

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SID 2010.png
Safer Internet Day is a European-wide initiative and is the one day in the calendar that will give a focus to internet safety issues such as cyberbullying, dealing with upsetting and illegal content online, sexual abuse and grooming. There are a range activities taking place across the week in the UK (from Monday 8th – Friday 12th February) and across the continent to help protect young people online. Parents can get involved too!
Why not try the esafety quiz to see how much you know? visit:
esafety quiz.png
And find out more at:
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new MHS1.jpg


There's been a lot happening at Monkseaton since my last Monkseaton post, and we've hit the news on a number of occasions. Our new school has attracted interest from all around the world. Engaging our parents and learners through ICT is a key area we are focussing on. I'd like to share some new developments...



We've strategically planned and consulted staff and parents to ensure everybody including our many partner organisations are kept up-to-date with developments. We've tried to ensure we are efficient and effective at communicating through our website. It is refreshed regularly and has lots of current information, downloads and links about the school. We have ensured it is simple to navigate and we've also included a few .mov files which gives visitors a chance to take a brief virtual tour of the new school.

We've also added a MonkseatonHighSchool Youtube channel which including two films about parental engagement and online reporting.




We introduced our Dear Parent Blog in September and we've found that this is a great way to inform students and their families about recent events - without the need to log in and also helping us to reduce printing letters and postage costs. We're now seeing about 150 hits per day...


Dear Parent Blog:                                                  Website: (ignore April/May- Cache server changes)

                                                                                 3000+ hits on the snow closure day!

Dear Parent blog usage.pngWebsite usage.png


The Parent Site is the secure site where our parents can see the personal information we choose to extract from our MIS which includes Target Grades, Assessment data and progress, Attendance, Achievements, Timetables etc Just as important, we include information collected from students which includes their Individual Learning Plan, Fitness data, Sleep surveys, self assessments. We have also created an easy way for parents to "contact a teacher"... simply selecting the teacher from a drop down menu and adding a message- teachers get an e-mail and can answer it in at an appropriate time (click on image below to see more detail)-Teachers love it!!! They say it improves makes things much more effective and efficient...

Contact a teacher.png

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Engaging Parents through online reporting.png



Here's the latest resource about engaging parents through online reporting. It follows the very useful Local Authority DVD It has the same content and many new documents and links to very useful resources, it also includes 5 secondary case study films:


Blakeston School

Monkseaton High School

Perins School

The Radclyffe School

South Dartmoor Community College


"A comprehensive guide, background and supporting materials to online reporting for schools. The booklet and accompanying DVD includes slides that can be edited for presentation purposes and case study films for both the primary and secondary sectors. In addition the DVD contains useful links to subject areas such as safeguarding children online, Next Generation Learning and frequently asked questions"


Click here to order a free copy

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26 February 2010 – London Hilton Metropole

4 March 2010 – Manchester United FC Conference Centre

Free Online Reporting Briefings for Primary and Special Schools


By popular demand, we have been asked to re-run the very successful primary online reporting event held last year in Birmingham


Hear from fellow primary and special school leaders about how they are exploiting

ICT to improve parental engagement

In the last year we have seen a huge increase in demand from schools looking to exploit ICT to improve parental engagement and an increasing appetite to move beyond the core expectations for online reporting.

Consistently, we are being asked to connect more and more schools together to share the amazing and exciting practice and to increase the links so that all primary schools can share and celebrate what they are doing and also to gain ideas and thoughts from their peers.

We have a network of over 180 primary schools spread around the country who are already sharing their practice – online, by visits, at events and through local contacts - these schools want to share what they are doing and hear from more schools like you – this will happen at:

The London Hilton Metropole, Friday 26 February 2010

Key national speaker Kirstie Andrew-Power - Head of Achievement at SSAT

The Manchester United FC Conference Centre, Thursday 4 March 2010

Key national speaker Charles Desforges - an emeritus professor at the University of Exeter

These events are free to those schools who are leading thinking in the wider use of ICT, such as ICT Mark schools and for school leaders who value being part of a cadre of peers.

As well as hearing from key national speakers, you will talk with them, share experiences and see practice in action – a practical, pragmatic and engaging event that can equip you to do even more in your school and to encourage and support peers in your own area.


Places are limited so please book as soon as possible by visiting our registration sites here:


Engaging parents through online reporting - London - Friday 26 February 2010  Deadline 24 February 2010

Engaging parents through online reporting - Manchester - Thursday 4 March 2010 Deadline 2 March 2010

Please note that these conferences are free of charge.  Travel expenses for the day may be submitted - forms will be available on the day – please keep all receipts in advance of claim.  Further information can be obtained by emailing

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There has been much discussion on this site (and elsewhere) about the event held in Birmingham on 12 November 2009.

Almost 150 schools were represented at the event- the delegates heard some inspirational presentations and they all shared ideas to help each other to understand ways that online reporting in schools can be used to engage parents in their children's learning.


You will find the presentations and further feedback in discussions on this site:


Charles Desforges keynote:

Online reporting and parental engagement at Grays School:

Establishing outstanding parent partnerships at The Park Lane Primary School:

Inspire children to engage parents at Anson Primary School:

Enabling Parental Dialogue at Woodlawn School:




Some feedback:

"Inspirational presentations, lots of excellent ideas and contacts"

"I liked the format of the day"

"Practical, inspirational, imaginative"

"Chance to reflect and talk to other practitioners"

"Excellent, thought provoking"

"Morning showcases – simple, brilliant examples"

"Insight into innovative practice in schools"

"So many ‘nuggets’ to discuss at my school"

"Thank you for including special school in the line-up – we are so often missed!"

"Great range of input – teeming with ideas to take away, analyse and develop"

"Charles Desforges for Big Picture, discussing barriers to parental engagement, challenging perceptions"

"Realised that we are doing a lot of this already!"

"Share with staff the wonderful ideas"

"I have so many ideas to take back to my school – just want to get started now!"

"The best day in the series of OLR events that I have been to over the last 3 years"

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futurelab.jpgThis report from futurelab is an excellent compilation and analysis of the key research that explores the links between the evidence about parental engagement and the role of technology and online reporting.


While there is increasing use of technologies to send information to parents, little guidance is available for schools on working with children and parents to develop appropriate strategies for home-school communication that involves children and supports children’s learning. Therefore this research – which is part of a wider body of work supported by Becta to contribute to their 'Harnessing Technology’ strategy – will address the following questions: What factors support learners in successfully negotiating relationships between home and school learning; and how might digital technologies support learners, parents and teachers to mediate home-school relationships?

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