Sladesbridge flood defence system, Cornwall

About the Project

Project Information
  • Principal designer: Halcrow Group
  • Client: Environment Agency
  • Principal contractor: Mowlem Civil Engineering
  • Contract value: 2.42 million

The small village of Sladesbridge in Cornwall has been susceptible to floods for some 50 years. Located on three local rivers, it also features areas of outstanding natural beauty.

The main road through the village is a busy commuter route, and houses have been built up to the river. Constraintson work, therefore, were significant.


The scheme, which took less than three years to complete, runs along a 1.2km length of the River Camel and River Allen. It involved creating 880m of flood defence embankment and 820m of reinforced concrete and sheet-piled flood walls.


But, in addition to flood defence work, wildlife areas have been created as part of the project, and creative partnership in the construction team led to innovative design solutions.

The project came in £300,000 under budget, one month ahead of schedule, with very few defects and no reportable accidents. Perhaps the chieft benefit, however, was that long-standing residents can now sleep easily when it rains.

The Judges said:

"This is a good example of a project which is likely to become increasingly evident, given rising water tables and the effects of global warming."

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