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Simon Thompson Level 3 19 posts since
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24-Feb-2010 22:10

Elevator Question...

If you got into a lift with someone and had 2 mins to explain about Parental Engagement in schools and the key issues/messages. What would you say?

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Jean Freeman Level 1 7 posts since
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1. 25-Feb-2010 09:03 in response to: Simon Thompson
Re: Elevator Question...

In 2 mins I might say......Parental Engagement is allowing families to see the child's attendance, achievements etc online. When ever they want too. Its a means of informing Parents and sharing the school data, and involving parents in the school, but it wont necessarily replace paper based reports. It will hopefully bring about more communication, and improved communication between the child the parent and the school. .

Peter Banks Level 1 3 posts since
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2. 25-Feb-2010 13:18 in response to: Simon Thompson
Re: Elevator Question...

Parental engagement can take many forms but in most schools there will be some form of online reporting involving secure online access to the child's data including achievement, progress, attendance, behaviour and special needs. This may be through a learning platform or other website. Implementation dates are September 2010 for secondary schools and 2012 for primary schools. The idea is to empower parents to be proactive and provide the basis for meaningful dialogue to take place between school parent and pupil which will hopefully lead to raised attainment/attendance etc. Engaging parents is often difficult and hard work by the school's "community" workers   is often needed.

wilsonm01 Level 1 1 posts since
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3. 25-Feb-2010 20:26 in response to: Simon Thompson
Re: Elevator Question...

Parental Engagement is about moving from an 'us and them' conversation between schools and families about students to an 'us together' conversation between all three partners.  This is a conversation that shares a common language, a common understanding about what assessments mean, about aims and goals that are shared by students, their school and their family.  Effective Parental Engagement is about more support, more dialogue and a shared understanding that leads to a stronger relationship and improved chances of success for all.

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