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22-Feb-2010 20:52

Online Reporting or Data Tick Box?

I have been amazed by the lack of thought given to parental engagement when suppliers have looked at online reporting solutions.

It seems that the deadline to report for secondary schools has dictated the agenda and I am telling as many peope as I can reach (I feel like some kind of evangelist!) not to rush to buying a provider and look carefully at what suppliers offer you in terms of parental engagement. When I was looking at suppliers at BETT for BECTA the mere term parental engagement sent salesmen scurrying for cover or "more senior colleagues!"


Attached is the summary of my visit to BETT as a mystery shopper.

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TaAPP Level 1 4 posts since
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1. 27-Apr-2010 14:13 in response to: Andy Mellor
Re: Online Reporting or Data Tick Box?
  • Andy wrote in his word document:

    1. Provide parents with an opportunity to view their child’s attainment, progress, attitude, attendance and constructively be able to participate in improving this through being directed from the data to activities to be able to support their child’s learning
    2. Share and work towards targets
    3. Be able to provide information from home as to their perception of their child’s progress with the ability, certainly in Foundation Stage, to upload evidence that shows attainment and achievement.
    4. For parents to be able to upload learning resources from holidays, for example providing images of a holiday in Egypt as the pyramids to support work on ancient Egypt and help to personalise learning.
    5. Allow us to create a relationship where parents feel valued and welcome through texting, blogging, podcasting, emailing and regular updated communication via the school website.
    6. Creation of space and opportunity at home through a VLE and suppliers such as Education City to allow parents to become engaged with their child’s learning

    Any good online reporting software ought to offer 1 and 2 but also needs to be suitable for use by class teachers without additional workload.  IMHO, the other points are not really aspects of reporting and just because they require communication doesn't mean that they should be within the scope of a VLE.


    From my own recollections, I'm not sure that I was much good at perceiving my children's progress in Foundation Stage.  In any case, understanding what, when and how my children were being taught were the barriers to greater engagement. I agree that there are obstacles to parents communicating to teachers but most often this is because it is discouraged and unwelcome, sometimes indirectly by not making pictures of staff and email addresses available.   The last thing parents want is information overload from verbose blogs etc and many schools are reluctant to host forums on their websites - often because of fears of unpleasant or unconstructive posts without an appreciation that this is a highly efficient way of communicating and understanding the views of participants.


    When my children use Education City, I don't feel engaged their learning nor is it easy to direct them towards activities which support them achieving their learning targets.  Parents are most likely to contribute to learning in areas that suit them and in which the child is already interested.  Finally, I think its great to have learning resources from home, but best when the children take charge in an old fashioned way of carrying in the video they made in Egypt, the souvenirs or even a simple phrase in a foreign language.

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