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  • A vintage year for housing

    19 November 2010

    Ten exceptional new housing schemes have won a Building for Life award, in a vintage year for housing design.

  • Burtons Farm Park, North Solihull

    Silver lining for regenerated estate

    Alexandra McMillan, CABE
    8 November 2010

    The rise and fall of North Solihull happened at breakneck speed. Built over six years as an overspill town for Birmingham, just 20 years later it was hit hard and fast by the industrial decline of the early 1990s.

  • The future of Building for Life

    Wayne Hemingway MBE
    26 October 2010

    Amidst all the news about cuts this week, I want to make sure people are clear and confident about the future of Building for Life.

  • Rother a nice view

    Paul Lavelle, advisor for urban design and homes at CABE
    23 September 2010

    A local housing association provides a coherent response to a challenging hillside side in Canklow, Rotherham.

  • More than one level to bungalows

    Dominic Church, CABE senior advisor
    17 September 2010

    It seems difficult to believe that six years ago, residents were threatening to chain themselves to railings in protest against proposals to rehouse them in Hirst Gardens in Burnley.

  • 2010 Standard achievers announced

    10 September 2010

    A record 55 new housing schemes have achieved a Building for Life standard this year, 50 per cent more than last year. This is the largest number in the eight years of the initiative.

  • Royal Arsenal

    Berkeley embraces Building for Life

    28 July 2010

    The Berkeley Group has made a solid commitment to design quality. From now on all new developments will have to meet the national standard for well designed homes and neighbourhoods.

  • Rostron Brow, Stockport

    2010 awards – what happens next

    20 July 2010

    More than 80 submissions have been received for this year’s Building for Life awards.

  • Sevenoaks, Birkenhead

    Sarah Allan, head of urban design and homes at CABE
    16 July 2010

    The Victorian terrace is such a strong emblem for good urban design that any housing that replaces it through a Pathfinder programme deserves extra scrutiny.

  • Copyright Tim Soar and Allford Hall Monaghan and Morris.

    Barking Central, East London

    Dominic Church, CABE senior advisor
    18 June 2010

    Thinking back to my first visit to the town hall in Barking, I remember a stately building marooned on a windswept lake of asphalt. It faced onto a drab 1970s library and the grim backs and service areas of high street shops.

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