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>> Many doubted whether it would be possible to hold the referendum on 9 January. Despite all that, it’s looking like the polling stations will open on time on Sunday ....

06 January 2011
Nicholas Kay, Khartoum
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Cedars of Lebanon

>> I got a Christmas card which said in French "the cedars create unanimity".  Well maybe it was a political point but it made me think.  The...

07 January 2011
Frances Guy, Beirut
Blog it like Beckham

>> Must admit that this blog will not come as news for those who are fervent users of online media to get their stories out.  But as a small snapshot of how...

06 January 2011
Martin Uden, Seoul
Twice a stranger, Twice at home

>> Guest blog from Chris Bowers, Consul General in Erbil. Psalm 137 is one of the most vivid and familiar poems in the Bible, capturing the pain, grief and...

04 January 2011
John Jenkins, Baghdad


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