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JCA Profiles

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The CQC approach uses the Joint Character Areas (JCAs) of England as a spatial framework for both analysis and reporting. Within this framework, the context of landscape change is explored using a set of statements that have been collected from a variety of sources - these are known as the JCA Profiles.

For the second assessment of change the starting point for the vision statements was existing published materials, notably the change statements given in the ‘Changing Landscape’ and ‘Shaping the Future’ sections of the published JCA descriptions, as used in the first assessment of change (1990-1998).

This material was supplemented by a set of Historic Character Area profiles that were created by English Heritage and drew upon information contained in the various county Historic Landscape Character Assessments (these can be found in the Results section of the website).

In addition a set of  ‘fine-grained profiles’ were drawn upon. These were derived from current Local Authority Landscape Character Assessments and used by the Countryside Agency to inform the first set of targeting statements for Environmental Stewardship Schemes.

Finally, the targeting statements themselves were incorporated where these were relevant. A comprehensive revision was therefore undertaken prior to the start of the first consultation.

Following the first round of consultation, during which many thousands of individual comments and suggestions were made by consultees, each comment was carefully considered and the information provided used to update the change statements, which were renamed as ‘visions’. The resulting visions were then used to understand the significance of change, as derived from the analysis of the spatial and tabular data.