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Sources of Data

The CQC project draws together a rich diversity of information. Datasets used to construct the indicator of change in countryside quality are as follows:

Theme Dataset
1. Trees and woodland 1.1 NIWT National Inventory of Woodlands and Trees
1.2 AW Ancient Woodland Inventory
1.3 WGS Woodland Grant Scheme Data
1.4 EN Habitat Inventory Data
1.5 FC Legal ownership
2. Boundary features 2.1 Countryside Survey 2000
2.2.Countryside Stewardship Monitoring
2.3.ESA Monitoring
3. Agriculture land cover 3.1 Agricultural Census
4. Settlement & development patterns 4.1 Land Use Change Statistics (LUCS)
4.2. 2001 Urban Boundaries
4.3 Post Office Address File
4.4 Rural Urban Morphology
4.5. Wind Farms
5. Semi-natural habitats 5.1 LCM 2000
5.2 Countryside Stewardship & ESA agreements
5.3. SSSI Condition
5.4 EN Habitat Inventory
6 Historic features 6.1 Farm Buildings at Risk
6.2 Historic Parks
6.3 Countryside Stewardship & ESA
7. River & coastal features 7.1 Countryside Stewardship & ESA
7.2 National River Water Quality Monitoring
Contextual data
  • OPDM urban areas
  • JCA Designated Area, LFA boundaries, landscape nature protection (SSSI, NNR)
  • Extent of common land
  • Extent of Access Land

The elements listed above are used to determine how and where change is occurring. A detailed explanation of how these data sources where used in conjunction with the vision statements is available in the Method Statement.

An evidence file has been created for each JCA, which provides both maps and tabular information.