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  The area information on Oneplace comes from an evaluation of public services known as Comprehensive Area Assessment. These assessments ended in June 2010. This website covers the annual assessments first released in December 2009, and will not be updated further.

Salford overview

Salford City is part of Greater Manchester, lying to the West of the conurbation. It includes towns such as Swinton, Irlam, Eccles and Walkden. Its location is a major asset - close to major transport networks and sharing a border with Manchester City Centre.

After decline, Salford's population and economy is starting to grow - home to nearly 220,000 people. Salford remains an area of significant poverty, although this is improving. However, residents experience marked differences in quality of life depending on where they live. Salford is becoming increasingly diverse, with 7 per cent of the population from an ethnic group other than white.

The local economy is changing and there is less reliance on traditional manufacturing. Central to this is the revitalised Salford Quays. The Quays plays an important role both culturally and economically, seeing major expansion of new businesses and exciting opportunities for local residents. It includes a new home for the BBC which will be a major tenant in MediaCityUK.


How is Salford doing?

This independent assessment by six inspectorates sets out how well local public services are tackling the major issues in Salford. It says how well they are delivering better results for local people and how likely these are to improve in future. If, and only if, our assessment shows that the following special circumstances are met in relation to a major issue, we use flags to highlight our judgements. We use a green flag to highlight where others can learn from outstanding achievements or improvements or an innovation that has very promising prospects of success. We use a red flag to highlight where we have significant concerns about results and future prospects that are not being tackled adequately. This means that local partners need to do something more or different to improve these prospects.

Salford has identified the following priorities for the area:
  • A healthy city
  • A safe city
  • A learning and creative city
  • A city where children and young people are valued
  • An inclusive city
  • An economically prosperous city
  • A city thats good to live in
Salford area assessment

Green flags - exceptional performance or innovation that others can learn from

No green flags have been identified for Salford

Red flags - significant concerns, action needed

No red flags have been identified for Salford

How are local public services in Salford performing?

Each area is served by a range of bodies providing public services, including local councils, health, police and fire and rescue. We've independently assessed each of these to find out how well they are using public money and delivering services to local people.  Find out how well you're being served by your local public services and see how well they compare with local public services in other areas.

Performance indicators and public finances for Salford

Find out about the performance information in your area covering issues such as crime, health, social care, education, unemployment and much more.

Salford has identified some of these performance indicators as the most important in this area and set targets to be achieved. Find out what the priority indicators are for Salford and how well they are performing.

Find out about how much money is spent on local public services in Salford such as councils, police, health and fire and rescue, how well this is being spent and how your council tax compares to other places.


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