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Last modified 9 July 2010

Following substantive discussion of a draft during the February meeting, IACDI formally approved Evaluation Department's (EvD) Studies Workplan for 2010-11 on 10th June.  EvD's formal paper to IACDI is the first document below along with each of the 15 Study Briefs: Studies Workplan 2010-11 Study Brief Public Financial Management Study Brief Humanitarian Study Brief Conflict Prevention & Peacebuilding Democratic Republic of [...]

Last modified 8 July 2010

The 10th IACDI meeting covered: IAD Annual Report on Follow up to Evaluation Recommendations 08/09, presentation on Lesson Learning in DFID, Formal approval of te 10/11 EVD workplan. In addition the committee was joined by Michael Anderson (DG Research, Policy and International Relations), Liz Ditchburn (Head of Value for Money and Head of  Abercrombie House), [...]