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Last modified 11 November 2010

ODI Lesson Learning Study

Last modified 3 November 2010

Management Response to IAD’s Review of Follow-up to Evaluation Recommendations

Last modified 3 November 2010

11octitem 2a Embedding Evaluation

Last modified 3 November 2010

Independent Commission update (for IACDI)

Last modified 16 November 2010

Final IAD letter to IACDI on 08/09 recommendations with annex

Last modified 4 December 2009

To assist in fulfilling its role of monitoring evaluation quality in DFID, IACDI commissioned a review to assess the quality of DFID’s evaluation reports and assurance systems.    The paper has two purposes. Firstly, it summarises the methods used in the review, the main findings and recommendations. Secondly, it lays out recommendations, for enhancing evaluation quality and discusses whether the [...]

Last modified 15 July 2009

Part of IACDI's remit is to decide which topics should be covered by DFID's independent evaluations - a significant change from the previous approach, and a recognition that independence in selection of evaluation topics is an important dimension of evaluation independence. IACDI have signed off the attached Forward Work Programme 2009/10, which also has a [...]

Last modified 29 June 2009

'Building the evidence to reduce poverty', endorsed by the IACDI, sets out how DFID will increase the investigation and communication of the results of its work overseas, through more extensive and rigorous evaluation processes, also ensuring lessons are learned for the future. 'Building the evidence to reduce poverty' sets out an approach to evaluation focused around four [...]

Last modified 2 February 2009

IACDI 2008: Summary Review

Last modified 19 February 2009

DFID takes very seriously the responsibility to ensure high quality, independent evaluation of its programmes, to provide reliable and robust evidence to improve the value of its global work to reduce poverty. In December 2007 the Independent Advisory Committee on Development Impact was established to help DFID strengthen its evaluation processes. DFID and IACDI have therefore [...]

Last modified 28 October 2008

Robert Picciotto's background paper Evaluation independence at DFID was presented at the IACDI meeting on 7 & 8 October 2008. The paper is designed to facilitate consideration of reforms aimed at strengthening evaluation independence at DFID. It was commissioned by the Independent Advisory Committee for Development Impact (IADCI) after its first meeting. An [...]