Introductory Statement by Alistair Darling MP

The Rt. Hon. Alistair Darling MP Former Secretary of State for Trade and Industry
House of Commons, 18 April 2007

"With your permission Mr Speaker, I should like to make a short statement on the examination of tissue taken from some individuals who had worked in the nuclear industry and who died between November 1962 and August 1991.

"Mr Speaker having regard to the feelings of the families of those concerned and because it is in the public interest, I want to provide the House with the information available from BNFL who now operate the Sellafield site where these examinations were carried out. I shall then set out how I intend to proceed with this matter... Read the full statment

Latest Developments

Final report of the Redfern Inquiry

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Final report of the Redfern Inquiry delivered to Parliament, on Tuesday
16th November, by Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate

The Redfern Inquiry into human tissue analysis in UK nuclear facilities - Chairman's statement

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Mr. Michael Redfern QC makes his statement for the Redfern Inquiry report launch.

Barnardos Counselling Support to the Redfern Inquiry

Barnardos Services Ltd will provide an appropriate counselling service to all those giving evidence to the Redfern Inquiry and those who are in some way affected by it. Barnardos will work independently to the Inquiry and for further information see their leaflet or contact 08081682697 (free phone).

Revised Terms of Reference

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The Secretary of State for BERR - Mr. John Hutton,  26 February 2008 

"Further to the written ministerial statement by my right hon. Friend the then Secretary of State for Trade and Industry on Thursday 26 April 2007, Official Report, column 28WS, I wish to announce today slightly revised terms of reference for the inquiry currently being carried out by Michael Redfern QC. The revised terms of reference are as follows..."

Download the full document from this page.

Terms of Reference Document

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Alistair Darling MP, 26 April 2007

"Further to my statement to the House on Wednesday 18 April (Hansard, Cols 301-302),
I am now able to announce the terms of reference for the Inquiry that I have asked Mr
Michael Redfern QC to carry out..."

Download the full document from this page.

Redfern Inquiry Procedures Document

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The Inquiry will conduct its own investigations in accordance with the Inquiry Procedures. The procedures have been subject to comment by the main parties and are reproduced here.

Redfern Inquiry Issues Document

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The Inquiry will publish a List of Issues arising from its initial investigations into the issues raised by the Terms of Reference. If significant new information is received the Inquiry will publish an amended List of Issues if necessary.