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Deputy PM and Education Secretary visit Durand Academy

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Civic Honours competition for Diamond Jubilee launched

Cabinet Office crestA competition to create a new city to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012 has been launched. Details of the Civic Honours Competition were unveiled by Mark Harper, Minister for Political and Constitutional Reform, who is inviting local authorities across the United Kingdom to apply.

£100million Transition Fund for charities and voluntary groups opens

Cabinet Office crestThe £100million Transition Fund to support charities, voluntary groups and social enterprises affected by public spending reductions has been opened for applications by Minister for Civil Society Nick Hurd.

Review into the Central Office of Information announced

Cabinet Office crestMinister for the Cabinet Office Francis Maude has announced that he has commissioned Matt Tee, Permanent Secretary Government Communications, to undertake a review of the Central Office of Information (COI) and the coordination of cross-department marketing and communications.

Government to seek experts' views on public service reform

Cabinet Office crestThe Government wants to reform public services by shifting power away from central government to the local level – to citizens, communities, and independent providers, so that they can play a greater role in shaping services. The Government is therefore inviting experts, public service managers and providers of public services to submit their ideas for public service reform.

National Citizen Service – commissioning process for evaluation opens

Cabinet Office crestThe Office for Civil Society and Department for Education are inviting expressions of interest for an evaluation of the 2011 and 2012 National Citizen Service pilots. National Citizen Service (NCS) is the flagship programme for young people within the Government’s vision for building the Big Society. Aimed at 16 year olds, the scheme involves a programme of activity designed to support young people to develop the skills and attitudes they need to engage with their communities and become active and responsible citizens.

Appointments to the Committee on Standards in Public Life

Cabinet Office crestThe Prime Minister has appointed Lord Alderdice and The Rt Hon Margaret Beckett MP as Members of the Committee on Standards in Public Life. Lord Alderdice replaces Baroness Maddock as the Liberal Democrat party nominee. Margaret Beckett replaces The Rt Hon Alun Michael MP as the Labour party nominee.

Digital by default proposed for government services

Cabinet Office crestNews release about the how public services should, overtime, be delivered online or by other digital means, as the Government has announced in response to a report published by Martha Lane Fox.

Government spend data published in drive to create most transparent and open government ever

Cabinet Office crestMinister for Cabinet Office, Francis Maude, has released detailed Government spending data, allowing the public to see for the first time how Government spends its money and hold politicians to account. As part of our ongoing drive to make government more accountable, efficient and transparent than ever before, all departments will publish details of their spending over £25,000 for the last six months.

Nick Clegg slams bullying

Cabinet Office crestTo mark Anti-Bullying Week, the Deputy Prime Minister, Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP, today sent a message to young bullies that their behaviour will not be tolerated, that teachers will be given the authority to crack down on bullying, and that schools will be able to deal with bullying even when it occurs away from their premises.

New rights and support for staff mutuals – a Big Society plan for better public services

Cabinet Office crestThe Government is set to roll out new ‘Rights to Provide’ across public services so that employers will be expected to accept suitable proposals from front line staff who want to take over and run their services as mutual organisations, Francis Maude, Minister for the Cabinet Office is to announce.

Deputy Prime Minister sets out vision for political reform

Cabinet Office crestDeputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, will say there needs to be a “fundamental rewiring of power” when delivering the keynote speech at the Political Studies Association/Hansard Society Annual Lecture. The Deputy Prime Minister will say that our political system is out of step with modern life and will set out how the Government plans to change that by reforming the country’s political institutions, decentralising power and protecting civil liberties.

A joint statement by the Heads of MI6 and MI5

Cabinet Office crest Further to the Lord Chancellor's statement in the House on 16 November, Chief of SIS, Sir John Sawers and Director General of the Security Service, Jonathan Evans, welcome the conclusion to the mediation which allows the Agencies to Concentrate on protecting national security."

Cabinet Office Business Plan published

Cabinet Office crestOn Monday 8 November the Prime Minister launched all Departments’ Business Plans covering the period 2011-2015. The Cabinet Office Business Plan includes the Department’s vision, priorities, structural reform plan, departmental expenditure and information on how it is going to become more transparent. The Business Plan is intended fundamentally to change the way the Department is held accountable by the public for putting policies into practice.