Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust
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Trust members - council of governors

What is a council of governors?

The Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust's council of governors brings together individuals, groups and organisations that have an interest in the work we do. The council ensures that the voice of the public, patients and staff is used to inform the trust's decisions.

The role of the council of governors is to make sure that the views of the wider community are taken into account and that they feed back to the people they represent, information about the trust's vision and performance.

It is not responsible for the day-to-day running of the trust, which is the responsibility of the board of directors. However, the council will be responsible for:

  • Working with the board of directors to produce plans for the future development of the trust
  • Receiving, at a public meeting, copies of the trust's annual accounts, auditor's reports and annual reports

It will act as a source of ideas about how the trust can provide its services in ways that best meet the needs of members and the wider community, as well as making sure that the trust follows NHS principles and values and the terms of its trust license.

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page last reviewed: 12 May 2010