Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust
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The Royal Free Hampstead NHS Trust is the largest single site teaching hospital in London. Its three core activities are patient care, education and training, and research and development. The trust works closely with its academic partners on the Royal Free campus of the Royal Free and University College Medical School of University College London; many consultants hold joint appointments in the two institutions. Research is multidisciplinary both across departmental boundaries and across professional groups.

The trust has a wide-ranging set of research programmes and many research collaborations at local, national and international levels. Locally, the trust is a member of the University College London Clinical Research Network whose membership includes primary, secondary and tertiary care NHS trusts with academic partners integrated within the University College London structure.

Research is funded from a wide range of sources including research councils, charities, the European Union and the NHS Executive and other government departments. The trust participates in an extensive range of basic scienceand clinical trials, working closely with academic institutions and commercial companies.

Research programmes

NHS Innovations London (NHSIL)

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