Productive Leader

Getting started with Productive Leader

If you work for NHS England, you can download The Productive Leader modules at no charge to work through with your team and your direct reports.  All of the modules are based on best practice.  They are not difficult or complicated to use but offer an approach that will save time and improve your productivity.  


The recommended approach to The Productive Leader is to start with the senior leadership team (chief executive, directors and their PAs).  This will result in the top team modelling new practices and behaviours and thereby building credibility for other staff.   However the programme can also be adapted to your organisational context, culture and suit the needs of other staff groups.  The ultimate goal is to spread best practice through the organisation. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how The Productive Leader can benefit your team or organisation.

What Happens Next?

1.  Think about who you need to engage before getting started.  Your executive sponsor should be prepared to drive engagement at every level.  Is your leadership team on board?  (Please see the Executive Leader Guide for more details of the programme)

2.  Make sure you have the right resources in place to deliver this programme.  Have you identified a project manager and facilitator who have the right skills and capacity?

3.  Consider the timing of rolling out this programme.  Does it align with the current priorities and strategic goals of the organisation?

4.  Contact the NHS Institute to discover what support is available to your organisation to help deliver the programme (additional support) or contact us.

 5. Register online to download or order the modules and access the tools (register now
If you are interested in The Productive Leader programme, however are not part of NHS England, please contact us.


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