Knowing How We Are Doing

This module helps your teams collect and use regular balanced performance data to guide improvement and operational management. It provides a framework for timely measurement to flow up the organisation to aid informed decision making.

Download this module

Visit our catalogue to download the 'Knowing How we are Doing' (KHWAD) module by clicking on the Productive Community Services house, below.

Knowing How we are Doing

Download resources to support this module, which include:

KHWAD Aggregate Tool Guidance

KHWAD Measurement Tool Guidance

KHWAD Aggregate Template

KHWAD Team Level Measures Template

Measures Definition Sheet

Patient Experience Questionnaire

Patient Experience Tally Sheet

Patient Facing Time Audit Sheet

Blank Meeting Reliability Audit Sheet

Staff Engagement Questionnaire

Staff Engagement Tally

Access the Office v2003 and Office v2007 resources from our catalogue.