Productive General Practice

Productive General Practice

Releasing Time

Mother and daughter in GP surgeryProductive General Practice is a new programme from the NHS Institute which aims to support general practices in realising internal efficiencies, while maintaining quality of care and releasing time to spend on more value added activities.

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How can you get involved?

We will be working closely with general practices to develop material based on key process areas of their practice – opportunities will be available for you as part of a peer review process and test components of the programme as they are released.

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The Productive Approach

The Productive Series supports NHS teams to redesign and streamline the way they manage and work. This helps achieve significant and lasting improvements – predominately in the extra time that they give to patients, as well as improving the quality of care delivered whilst improving efficiencies.

What can the Productives offer you?
  • A proven framework for practices to radically redesign key processes that impact on safety and reliability, patient / carer experience, staff experience and efficiency
  • A systematic process led by the general practice at its own pace
  • A mechanism for engaging and empowering staff so they can identify their own opportunities and lead the improvements themselves

How will the Productives team work with you?
We always work in a collaborative way, getting input from a wide range of different staff groups and other relevant experts. We will specifically ensure that:

  • We link to existing or planned initiatives – whether these are at a national or regional level.
  • We build on strong legacy work – it is essential that we learn from improvement programmes that have already had a positive impact in general practice
  • We keep a strong patient focus – all our improvement work and experience has a strong emphasis on delivering high quality care and experience for patients