About the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

The NHS Institute transforms good ideas into workable solutions for an improving NHS.

In five years we have developed proven and effective products in critical clinical areas which could save the NHS £6bn.

At the NHS Institute:we are facilitators of change for improvement, working alongside the frontline of the NHS

we are central to helping deliver quality and value to improve care for patients and efficiency for the service

we interpret NHS policy change and work with local staff to generate practical solutions

we are the NHS' own improvement agency, pioneers in effective innovation, continually learning and translating great ideas from other sectors

we understand the NHS because we are part of the NHS.

Our challenge for 2010-11 and beyond

To help the NHS deliver the changes required over the next four years to meet the cost and quality agenda, and to provide skilled support to help NHS organisations implement our products.  We will encourage capacity building for leaders of improvement and identify NHS people who can make this happen.

Download the NHS Institute Business Plan 2010-11 (3.70 MB) NHS Institute Business Plan 2010-11

How we work

Our work is always informed and developed through discussion with people from all parts of the NHS - clinicians and frontline staff at every level.

We abide by three fundamental principles:

  • Co-production with the NHS.
  • Rigour and challenge.
  • Agility and responsibility.

What we can do for you

In 2010-11 our work is all about embracing change and being adaptable, flexible and open to new ways of working with our colleagues in the service to meet the demands of delivering healthcare while we emerge as a nation from the economic recession.

We are very aware of the challenging times ahead for the NHS, ourselves included, and we are uniquely positioned and have the ability to help meet the demands of increasing quality and efficiency with more limited resources.  We have developed a wide range of products, training programmes and resources to help you, your team and your whole organisation make innovation and improvement important elements in your drive for quality and efficiency.  You will find information on these by browsing this website.

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NHS Institute Annual Report and Accounts

Find out more about our achievements by reading our annual reports.

Download the  NHS Institute Annual Report and Accounts 2009/2010 NHS Institute Annual Report and Accounts 2009-10.pdf

Download the  NHS Institute Annual Report and Accounts 2008/2009NHS Institute Annual Report and Accounts 2008/2009

Download the  NHS Institute Annual Report and Accounts 2007/2008NHS Institute Annual Report and Accounts 2007/2008 

Why the NHS Institute?A national coordinated focus on the biggest challenges to the service. Applying rigorous methodology to develop ideas. Co-production with the NHS full integrated solutions. Bringing in the best from across the NHS, industry and internationally.

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