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 16 July 2008

Postal Address Files

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Posted by: Neil Houston

Public Sector Information Holder: Royal Mail Group

Information Asset: Postal Address Files

The problem

Historically UK citizens have not been able to access information pertaining to the UK postcode system, such as the mapping of these to the areas/co-ordinates they bound.

My ideal solution

Ideally the PAF main file available to download, this contains location information and then can be used in conjunction with OS Mapping etc. The royal mail do have this information available, but to date have not released it. If it could be released under some form of license, such as disallowing companies to utilise it (and therefore not affecting their sales of the PAF) then perhaps we will end with a happy compromise.

What I would do

It would be a resource for all, to allow them to provide more detail location information/context and surroundings of their areas.

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