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 17 September 2010

Land Use Statistics

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Posted by: Oliver Cant

Public Sector Information Holder: DEFRA

Information Asset: UK Land Use Statistics

The problem

There does not seem to be a full and clear account of the UK's land use statistics under the ten government designated groups. I'm currently doing some research for my Diploma in Countryside Management and would be most grateful if this could be made readily available.

Kind Regards

Olly Cant

My ideal solution

Just simply a page which can be easily "Googled" showing the percentage of UK land use broken down into the ten main groups (Residential, Transport & Utilities, Industry & Commerce, Community Services, Vacant, Minerals & Waste, Defence, Agriculture, Forestry & Open Land & Water and Outdoor Recreation). Ideally I would like to see the same data from the last 10 years (or further back if possible!)

What I would do

I would use the data to study how UK land use has changed which would form the basis of my assignment looking at the land use changes over time and their implications for future conservation sites.

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