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 25 March 2010

Acts of Parliament Pre-1988

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Posted by: Matthew Searle

Public Sector Information Holder: The Stationery Office

Information Asset: Acts of the UK Parliament, original full text

The problem

Pre-1988 availability of pdf full texts of Acts at is patchy. The following key Acts which would be valuable to transport historians are omitted: Railways Regulation Act 1844; Act for Constituting Commissioners for Railways 1846; Railway Construction Facilities Act 1864; Regulation of Railways Act cap.76 1873; Cheap Trains Act 1883; Regulation of Railways Act 1893; Light Railways Act 1901; Transport Act 1947

My ideal solution

For at least the above-listed Acts to have pdf full text included in

What I would do

This information would be publicised by the Railway & Canal Historical Society, including a link from its website, and notified to kindred organisations

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 16 May 2009

Photographs of Lords and MPs

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Posted by: Joe Anderson

Public Sector Information Holder: UK Parliament

Information Asset: Photographs of Lords and MPs

The problem

Wikipedia can't use pictures the British Parliament has of its members as they are not licensed under a free licence (one which allows them to copied, modified, and redistributed, even commercially).

My ideal solution

I would like Parliament to license its photographs under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 UK: Scotland (, Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 UK: England & Wales ( or Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported licence (

What I would do

Upload photographs to Wikipedia, or similar sites, and include them in the relevant pages.

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 8 July 2008


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Posted by: John Cross

Public Sector Information Holder: UK Parliament

Information Asset: Bills

The problem

The way bills are currently published makes it excessively difficult for people/organizations to provide:

(i) email alerts where a bill mentions something of interest
(ii) information about which amendments an MP has voted for
(iii) allow people who understand bills to annotate them
(iv) many other useful services

In short, the way bills are published makes it more difficult for campaigning groups and charities to bridge the gap between the people who pass the laws and everyone else.

My ideal solution

The bills should be published as structured data. This is relatively easy and inexpensive but once it is done people and organisations can start the real work of building useful applications.

One such organisation MySociety has already gone as far as setting out how the data could be structured and has estimated the initial cost to be around £10,000. They have also estimated that no more than one full-time employee would be needed (while Parliament is in session) to published the bills in a structured form.

See technical details suggested by MySociety here:

What I would do

I am not a software programmer so if the data was published I would have to wait for organisations like MySociety or Friends of the Earth or Unlock Democracy to build applications that I could use to:

  • sign up to email alerts to find out about things I care about
  • find out how my MP was voting on bills/amendments
  • find out what amendments actually mean
  • lobby my MP to vote for/against

Posted at Tuesday, 08 July 2008 09:54:18 (GMT Standard Time, UTC+00:00)  Comments [1] #