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 8 July 2008

Roadworks and improvements

Posted in: Highways Agency              

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Posted by: Carl Blanchard, Katiya Technologies

Public Sector Information Holder: Highways Agency

Information Asset:Roadworks & improvements

The problem

Close to my home they are doing major road works and restructure the road, it was spoken that they were making the road wider, however the current layout does not look like its going to be any wider at all, i tried to obtain the plans online but couldnt locate them, so it would be a huge benefit for people to obtain such information, it would also be crossed referenced with gas, electric, cable companies so that they all do the work at the same time rather than have new roads laid only to be taken up again a few months later.

My ideal solution

Website which shows plans, time scales for road works and improvements, also cross referencing system to allow companies to perform the work at the same time.

What I would do

Build a website to handle the data.

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