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 17 September 2008

Health and Safety Information

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Posted by: Michael Meeks

Public Sector Information Holder: Health and Safety Executive

Information Asset: All information regarding health and safety

The problem

I am currently in the process of building a web site that involves health and safety for companies and contractors who work for them but at this point I don't have enough information on the rules and regulations and legislation the reason i need to use the HSE for this information is that its a government site that we work and run our companies by the legislation and rules and regulations so rather than get my information from another source that maybe wrong i would prefer to get it from the government bodies themselves.

My ideal solution

I would like for the HSE to let me use what ever information i needed as this would be another place that companies and employees of the companies can view rules and regulations and get a correct correspondence to there individual needs i.e asbestos correct ppe working in confined spaces working at heights and many more that are listed on the HSE web site.

What I would do

I would put a lot of information on the web site for people to read and gather what they needed for there companies to work safer and better also informational to who ever uses our web site.

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 15 September 2008

National Public Transport Data Repository

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Posted by: Tom Steinberg

Public Sector Information Holder: Department for Transport

Information Asset: National Public Transport Data Repository

The problem

This dataset contains a snapshot of timetable information across the UK and across many modes of transport, bus, train etc.

mySociety needs this dataset in order to produce real-time versions of the currently non-interactive isochrone travel time maps found here:

These maps would have a tangible impact on UK citizens' ability to choose places to live and work that made sense to optimise their commutes.

My ideal solution

We would like this dataset to be made available for free, not for £7500, for the whole of the UK. We would also like it to be made available for both commercial and non-commercial purposes, as we expect that the revenue generated from letting people build experimental business models around it would probably be greater than making people buy first.

What I would do

We would produce an interactive mapping service where users could pick and location in the UK and have isochrone maps based on multi-model public transport journey times drawn for them. These would then help people work out the best places to live to have easy and quick commutes.

If the information was made available for commercial use, we would then start to sell maps like this to commercial buyers who want extra features.

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 1 September 2008

Registration districts and register offices

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Posted by: Nick Gulliford, Affinities/FOCCUS

Public Sector Information Holder: GRO and local authorities

Information Asset: Registration districts and register offices

The problem

Paul Boateng, then Shadow Minister in the Commons for the Lord Chancellor's Department, began the argument for the signposting of couples by Registrars towards marriage preparation on 24th April 1996 during a debate on the Family Law Bill:

"At the moment, there is no preparation at all for civil marriage, and there is absolutely nothing on the face of the Bill to give any hope whatsoever that that will occur or is envisaged... The Government also have to come forward with proposals in relation to preparation for marriage and with proposals that recognise the need for concerted and focused action to support the institution of marriage and the family.

Marriage preparation and relationship education were outlined in the White Paper "Delivering Vital Change" and in the House of Commons debate when the Labour Treasury Minister, Ruth Kelly, said:

"In our White Paper, [Delivering Vital Change] the Government explained that the registration service is ideally placed to act as a focal point for information about services associated with births, deaths and marriages, such as ........ marriage preparation ...... I believe that there is a genuine opportunity for local authorities to develop those services innovatively to meet the needs of their communities, now and in future. A wider role for the registration service will improve on the current piecemeal approach by local authorities and will be underpinned by the proposed national standards."

My ideal solution

A database of Registration Districts and Register Offices and the Local Authorities with their Registration Services Managers, including details showing which Register Office is connected with which Local Authority.

What I would do

Set up a search facility so that members of the National Couple Support Network and others concerned with relationship education can approach Registrars and Local Authorities about providing services along the lines envisaged above by Paul Boateng and Ruth Kelly.

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